The Door to Happiness

This post is a personal reflection on happiness. Although not very sciency, it offers a whimsical approach to the philosophical enigma of the infamous door that leads to happiness. For some quite unusual food for thought: go ahead and click!


When Self-Sufficiency Can Turn into a Lack of Empathy

Self-sufficiency that spirals into a lack of empathy is a growing condition that has been festering within our world, not confined to any particular generation. Sadly, it often takes a lot of time, if ever, to detect it. Although this post has no specific study or article with which it is linked, it focuses more on a quality that can often be misinterpreted. Go ahead and click!

How Memories Are Made

Our memory is not only in charge of amalgamating and condensing information, but also encoding the sensory information we receive and retrieving the very information that is stored for later use. In this post I'll give a brief review of memory, the amazing structure that is the hippocampus, and developments in neuroimaging techniques. Go ahead and click!

Accepting the Changes We Don’t Ask For

The changes that are most difficult to accept are often those we never asked for nor desired. As humans we often overestimate the stability of our current moment in life, leading us to feel overwhelmed. Gathering some fascinating ideas from Dan Gilbert's "end of history illusion" and social comparison theory, in this post I'll examine how perception goes hand in hand with accepting the changes we don't ask for. Go ahead and click!