Start of My Journey: 180 in 365

Every protagonist of every story has a start. Every journey that’s ever been documented or lived also has a beginning. This is mine.

For a long time I’ve been the type of person that starts projects full of energy and ideas; However, I always end up losing my way and find it rather easy to abandon said projects.  I think I’ve actually sat down on my computer and opened up about three seperate blog accounts, all with old emails that I no longer remember the passwords for. I always think that I’ll be a dedicated writer that will commit to a weekly, maybe even daily, blog post upload. I always set highly ambitious and frankly unrealistic goals for myself, with a spur of the moment theme which I’m not always entirely passionate about. I’ve decided that the one way I’ll ever go through with a journey that requires such discipline and implies a certain level of inspiration is if I truly love what I write about. In my case, this is anything and everything related to the field of psychology (sometimes including a little bit of written introspection).

So, it is very obvious that the title of my blog is “180 in 365 days“. That’s an equal, balanced amount of numbers and letters. What does that mean exactly? It defines my own attempt of changing, or doing a 180, in regards to my bad habit of abandoning creative projects that I start. It also signals my commitment of 365 days to cultivating my knowledge in the field of psychology and growing in numerous ways through my writing. Even more so, the goal of my blog is not just some healthy self-expression and thorough documentation of my learning, but I also hope to include some thoughts and ideas of how one could generally also do 180’s of their own (whether through developing new habits or changing their mentality for the better). After all, in most models for change, contemplation and preparation are the first steps that are followed by action.

Although I am sure somebody will one day stumble upon my collection of personal thoughts and insight, it seems like a rather surreal and distant idea. But, in case anybody is out there and actually reading, thank you and I hope you find something interesting and worthwhile. I hope that you are able to do a 180 of your own, in the way(s) that you need.


Isabella Castillo



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