The Door to Happiness

Sometimes I reflect upon happiness. Today, I ask myself a rather whimsical and particular question, some food for thought. What must the famous door to happiness look like? Is it square-like or rectangular, big or little, easy or difficult to find, is it made of wood or of glass? How does one open it?

I’ll share my opinion with you. I like to think that it is made of wood, an ordinary door that transcends time. I think it is narrow, so that only one individual person can make the decision to go through it. I think it is rectangular, just in case one is tall or short.

I think it is rather easy to find. But when we are blind to the truth or to the present, we can lose sight of it. I believe there are many people that when they see it, so simple and so easily, they think it to be a trap of sorts and continue on their journey past it. I think there are many that are afraid, not of the door but of what lies behind it. I think there are many that doubt its existence. Upon inspection they believe it to be an illusion and part ways with it. I think there are many that get nervous with the possible change that can accompany its unlocking. They don’t feel ready so they begin to circle right in front of it, like high and mighty doubtful lions, never taking the steps directly towards it. I feel there are many that pass right by it because they believe it will stay in the exact same place in which they first saw it, forgetting that its location is relative to our position in the grand scheme of time. They believe they can one day come back to it. Finally, there are those that confuse it and enter through the wrong door simply basing their faulty logic on external appearances.

But there are many who get to it and have all the intentions of the world to pass through it, yet they do not know how to. So some want to force it open, in their own way, and they fail to realize that it is already slightly open. They do not realize that, as Kierkegaard once stated: “the door to happiness opens outwards. Anyone who tries to push this door open thereby causes it to close still more.”



(Disclaimer: This post is not science-oriented. It’s a more philosophical approach to introspection. I thought I’d write about something quite comical and eccentric to spunk things up a bit.)


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